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One Good Deal After Another

From LZ Margo to the DMZ and the Ben Hai River


by Major Jarvis D. Lynch

Alfa Command Group, BLT 2/26


1 September 1968

         Our First Operation: A Good Training Exercise

         A Sad Look North

13 - 17 September 1968

         LZ Margo ... The Dead Went Last

         Remembering Margo (Staff Sergeant James F. Doner)

16 September 1968


17 September 1968

         The "To Do" List


         The USS Repose

18 - 30 September 1968

         Maps of the BLT's Area of Operations

         Terrain Along the Cam Lộ River

         The North Vietnamese Deserter

         Stairway to the Stars

         A New Mission ... In the DMZ

1 October 1968

         Landing Zone Tree Trunk

         Flanking Attacks

         Big Little People

2 October 1968

         Enemy Armor

         "I Think You Are Surrounded"

3 October 1968

         BB 62, The USS New Jersey

         Jungle Rot

4 October 1968

         The Paris Peace Talks

5 - 16 October 1968

         Enemy Artillery


         "Cease Fire"

         Malaria, Another Good Deal

         Fox Visits North Vietnam

17 - 19 October 1968

         We Leave the DMZ

         Ocean View

         A Different Kind of War




         A Marine Prayer (Captain John C. Cregan)


         Appendix: Strength, Arms and Equipment of SLF Alfa

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