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LZ Margo and the DMZ (continued)

Good Fences Map

Here's Lt. Domogala's note:

7 Oct 68

Dear Al,

Under the present situation, as to the rapport with my immediate neighbors I find it necessary to isolate myself from them. If you would construct a fence @ 998673 and 995668 I'm sure relations would improve. Presently my family resides at 993673. I hope the superintendent of our apartment approves of such construction.

Thank you for your consideration. I assumed you have already put a fence @ 993677 however if not maybe that is a possibility too!

[on reverse]


(Golf) 1 Actual

Text of Lt. Domogala's note requesting a fence of mortar fire.

And here's the effect he wanted, three locations where he wanted mortar rounds to fire to protect his platoon.

Map of LZ Duster.jpg

Mortar target locations chosen to protect the first platoon of Golf Company one night in the DMZ. The locations of the 81s platoon and the Fox command post on this reconstruction were taken from 50-year old grease-pencil smudges on a map carried in the DMZ. Courtesy of Alan Green. Click to expand.

The 81s platoon -- the battalion's "hip-pocket artillery" -- could provide potent close-in supporting fire with good accuracy. As an "indirect fire" weapon, the mortar's trajectory allowed it to be fired in a high arc over obstacles, allowing the battalion to shoot at targets they couldn't see directly.

Despite losing four of its eight guns on LZ Margo, the mortar platoon continued to be a useful tool in the battalion's arsenal, especially when we were out of range of the big guns shooting from firebases in the rear.

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