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"Doc" Kennedy Remembers LZ Margo

by Hospital Corpsman Third Class Jim "Doc" Kennedy

Echo Company, BLT 2/26

There were wounded Marines there and I did what I could for them. All I had left in my medical bag was some "red shit" and some field dressings."

HM3 Jim "Doc" Kennedy

Echo Company, Battalion Landing Team 2/26

Jim 'Doc' Kennedy in the corpsman band.j

Rockin' Docs.  Jim Kennedy on lead guitar (and inset) rocks the house in the Navy Hospital Corps School  Band at Great Lakes Naval Station in 1967. Kennedy was seriously wounded on LZ Margo going to the aid of Marines caught in the ravine. Photo courtesy of James Kennedy.

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Echo Company came back down from the mountains north of LZ Margo, where we had spent three days searching for the NVA, and had some brief encounters with them.


On the morning of September 16, when we arrived at Margo, we immediately started to dig in, but the ground was hard and rocky, and difficult to dig.

As I tried to make my hole deeper, I heard a helicopter landing on the LZ. I was on my way to the LZ to see if the chopper had brought any medical supplies when I saw the first rounds land near the 81s.

For a second, I thought it was our mortars firing. Then, I heard someone yell, "Incoming!" I ran back to my hole, looking for some cover, but we had just started to dig in and there was little cover there.

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