LZ Margo and the DMZ (continued)

Malaria Pill Day

We knew the day was Sunday when the Corpsmen distributed our weekly malaria pills. The other days were not so distinguishable.

C-rations ran short on occasion, especially when the clouds closed in and the aging UH-34's couldn't find us. More than once, with rations exhausted, we dug through our own recent trash pits in search of unopened cans.


Sometimes we found bananas to supplement our diet.

A sandbagged fighting hole off of LZ Susan, occupied by a radioman (note the PRC-25 whip antenna) who liked his coffee (open canteen cup), smoked Kools and ate bananas, and who was wise enough to have scarfed up a sheet of plastic to cover the logs under the poncho. Photo courtesy of Alan Green.

We lost weight and continued to patrol.

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