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LZ Margo and the DMZ (continued)

Malaria Pill Day

We knew the day was Sunday when the Corpsmen distributed our weekly malaria pills. The other days were not so distinguishable.

C-rations ran short on occasion, especially when the clouds closed in and the aging UH-34's couldn't find us. More than once, with rations exhausted, we dug through our own recent trash pits in search of unopened cans.


Sometimes we found bananas to supplement our diet.

Fighting Hole on LZ Susan - Copy - Copy.

A sandbagged fighting hole off of LZ Susan, occupied by a radioman (note the PRC-25 whip antenna) who liked his coffee (open canteen cup), smoked Kools and ate bananas, and who was wise enough to have scarfed up a sheet of plastic to cover the logs under the poncho. Photo courtesy of Alan Green.

We lost weight and continued to patrol.

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