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Mike Wilson Remembers LZ Margo

by Lance Corporal Michael "Mike" Wilson

Foxtrot Company, BLT 2/26

LZ Margo

I was there [LZ Margo] with Fox 2/26 Marines. A whole Battalion In a small area (300m X 200m). An error made by command. When the 1st mortars began to hit we ducked for cover. (None really!)


I was a Platoon Radio man.

After the 1st barrage we checked the lines, many wounded some dead or dying. We tried to help them!

Then the 2nd barrage came in, more wounded more dying. One hell of a mess, all over in that area that day. Taking wounded and dead to the LZ was one of the most horrific experiences of my life in Nam. I was very lucky that day, a day to not be wounded or dead.

My grief goes out to family and friends of those that died that day. Cpl. Bradford 2nd squad/2nd platoon died in my arms, that day.

Cpl Rodney Bradford FAM (familiarization) firing the M-16 at A3 with others from Fox Company in June 1968. Photo courtesy of Kent Wonders.

Yes, I was there on LZ Margo. And it was a bad day.

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