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The Death of Corporal Stan Pettit

by Robert E. Widener

Author, VFW Magazine

Point Man Down

[on September 15 near LZ Margo] Cpl. Stanley R. Pettit of E Company was killed shortly after taking over point on a patrol.

Cpl Stan Pettit on Hill 861A, Khe Sanh, February 1968, six months before his death. Photo courtesy of his cousin Scott Whitlock.

Right behind Pettit was Pfc. William Griffith who sustained a 'sucking' chest wound in the fury of fire that followed. Despite being shot, he courageously fell on an enemy grenade.

He lived to receive a Bronze Star for valor.

Robert E. Widener

author of "Deadly Dilemma at LZ Margo" in the VFW's book "Brutal Battles of Vietnam".

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