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The Infantry Attack on LZ Margo

by Robert E. Widener

Author, VFW Magazine

[on September 16, 1968, immediately after the mortar attack on LZ Margo...]


Cpl. Dave Hunt of H Company was on the northwest perimeter of Margo when he suddenly noticed a line of NVA soldiers emerge from the tree lines.


"They had fixed bayonets and were coming up the hill at us," said Hunt. "I was 22 years old and scared to death." The next thing he knew, he was "nose-to-nose" with an NVA soldier. "His bayonet cut my leg, but I killed him."

Hunt and other H Company men began to fire on the NVA. G Company riflemen crossed Margo to pitch in. Despite the attack's surprise, it was quickly crushed under volleys of Marine rifle fire.

Robert E. Widener

author of "Deadly Dilemma at LZ Margo" in the VFW's book "Brutal Battles of Vietnam".

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