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Anthony Whitefeather Remembers

by Lance Corporal Anthony Whitefeather

Golf Company, BLT 2/26

It All Started With BLT 2/26

I landed in Danang  in October 1968. I remember I waited to catch bird out to the USS Okinawa and BLT 2/26.

I was with Golf Company, 2nd Platoon, including Operation Linn River.

Below decks - both KIA.jpg

Before mission below deck. Whitefeather IDs these men, foreground as "both KIA. Cpl Gale, and "Pineapple" was his nickname, he was from Hawaii. Cpl Gale was the Lt's radioman.". Photo courtesy of Anthony Whitefeather.

Two that were lost.jpg

Bad day at Black Rock. According to Whitefeather, "this pic shows two that were lost". Can you help identify the location of this BLT 2/26 op and the names of the men? Photo by Anthony Whitefeather.

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