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BLT 2/26 Marines and Corpsmen Remember

Our Stories

These are the stories of the men of Battalion Landing Team 2/26:

    H&S Company, 2d Battalion, 26th Marines

      Alfa Command Group        

        Jarvis Lynch, LZ Margo . . . The Dead Went Last.

        Thomas Roadley, Photographs of LZ Margo.

        Mac Greeley, Mac Greeley Remembers Landing in the DMZ.

        Kent Wonders, Kent Wonders Remembers LZ Margo.

      81mm Mortar Platoon

        Alan Green, Alan Green Remembers LZ Margo.

        Alan Green, Smitty Steps Up.     

        Walt Philbin, Walt Philbin Remembers.

        James F. "Jim" Doner, Jim Doner Recalls the Barrage on the 81s.

        Randy Andrews, I Wanted In On the Fight (not yet published).

    Echo Company, 2d Battalion, 26th Marines

      James "Jim" Anton, Jim Anton Remembers LZ Margo.

      Jim "Doc" Kennedy, 'Doc' Kennedy Remembers LZ Margo.

      Raymond "Doc" Smith, 'Doc' Smith Remembers LZ Margo.

      Robert E. Widener, Robert Widener on the Death of Corporal Stan Pettit.

      Larry Jackson, Larry E. Jackson Remembers His Last Days in Vietnam.

      Lawrence "Larry" McCartney, L. E. McCartney: My Recollections of LZ Margo.

      H. K. "Pete" Schroeder, Pete Schroeder Remembers: A Hellhole Named LZ Margo.

      Theodore "Teddy" Banks, Teddy Banks Remembers LZ Margo.

    Foxtrot Company, 2d Battalion 26th Marines

      Mike Wilson, Mike Wilson Remembers LZ Margo.

      Terrence D. "Terry" Arndt, "Land the Landing Force!"

      Eddie Neas, Remembering David Freed (not yet published).

    Golf Company, 2d Battalion, 26th Marines

      Bob Riordan, Bob Riordan Remembers LZ Margo and the DMZ Operation.

      Jerry Lewien, Jerry Lewien Remembers Ops Before and After LZ Margo.

      Anthony Whitefeather, Anthony Whitefeather Remembers.

      Buzz Adams, Remembering Tommy Phillips (not yet published).

      Bob "Sully" Sullivan, Remembering Margo (not yet published).

    Hotel Company, 2d Battalion, 26th Marines

      Steve Haisley, A Root Beer Float (in Memory of PFC Doug Impson).

      Robert E Widener, The Infantry Attack on LZ Margo.

    1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 5th Recon Battalion

      James F. "Jim" Doner, Remembering Margo.

      Cavan Cox, A Recon Marine Remembers LZ Margo.

      Rick "Imp" Imperiale, Remembering... (not yet published).

    2d Platoon (reinforced), Charlie Company, 3rd Engineer Battalion

    Mortar Battery, 1st Battalion, 12th Marines

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