One Good Deal After Another (continued)

18 - 30 September 1968: Map of the BLT's Area of Operations

Early 18 September, the Command Post was displaced from LZ Margo proper to a heavily vegetated area a short distance northwest of the landing zone [LZ Susan on the map below].

Map BLT 2-26 area of operations 13 Sep -

The area of operations for Battalion Landing Team 2/26 from mid-September until mid-October 1968 stretched across the Demilitarized Zone area between North and South Vietnam. Each grid square is one kilometer on a side (10km = 6.2 mi). The area shown is 15-25 miles west of the Gulf of Tonkin (see below). From LZ Margo the BLT displaced to LZ Susan and then on 1 October lifted into LZ Duster, in the DMZ itself. Click to expand the map.

Infiltration Routes close-up.jpg

The area of operations for Battalion Landing Team 2/26 during September and October 1968 bordered major infiltration routes from the north and included large swaths of contested territory. Map courtesy of Wikipedia. Click to expand it.