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Lance Corporal Lancaster "Lanny" Brown-Bey

81mm Mortar Platoon

Battalion Landing Team 2/26

LCpl Lancaster Brown-Bey.jpg

Lance Corporal Lancaster "Lanny" Brown-Bey, Detroit, Michigan, age 19.


Died on October 1, 1968, in a barrage of artillery fire from across the Ben Hai River in North Vietnam onto his platoon's landing zone, LZ Duster.

LCpl Brown-Bey had fought bravely as a mortar squad leader in the chaos of LZ Margo two weeks earlier.

On September 16, 2018, fifty years after the battle of LZ Margo, Lanny Brown-Bey's dog tags came home to his loving family, as his surviving brothers from Battalion Landing Team 2/26 stood tall.

LCpl Lancaster Brown-Bey. Photo courtesy of his sister Esther Lewis and their family.

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