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Hospitalman David Lawrence "Doc" Eisenbraun

Recon Platoon

Battalion Landing Team 2/26

Hospitalman David Lawrence "Doc" Eisenbraun, Youngstown, Ohio, age 20.


Died September 17, 1968, in the second day of intense mortar barrages on LZ Margo.


Marine Gunner James Doner (then SSgt Doner) described Eisenbraun's death in his memoir Remembering Margo: "My own corpsman -- a super new guy named David Eisenbraun, from Youngstown, Ohio -- was at that moment giving his last. He was bandaging a Marine when he succumbed to his own wounds and died."

HN David Eisenbraun died on LZ Margo bandaging a wounded Marine before he died of his own mortal wounds. Photo courtesy of the Virtual Wall.

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