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Sunday Afternoon: Remembrance.

Captain John Cregan in the DMZ. Photo courtesy of Kent Wonders.

A Message of Remembrance

Monsignor John Cregan,

Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Retired)

Echo Company and its skipper, Captain John Cregan, had the misfortune of arriving back on LZ Margo from a combat patrol just as the mortar rounds began to fall. His company was devastated by the incoming fire.

After retirement his experiences as a combat Marine stayed with him, and he longed for another vocation that could give him such fulfillment.


He found that calling as a Catholic priest, serving years in a parish near Washington, DC.


He was recently honored by being named a monsignor.

Many times Monsignor Cregan has brought comfort and perspective to those whose lives were changed forever by their service in Vietnam. He did so once again in Detroit for those of us who served with him in BLT 2/26.

Here's a link to his presentation on YouTube:

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A Message of Remembrance

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