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Sunday Morning: Reflection (continued).

Retired VFW author Robert Widener. Photo courtesy of Rob Widener.

Discovering Margo

Robert E. Widener, VFW Magazine

Robert Widener wrote a gripping account about the battle of LZ Margo that takes you onto Margo's barren slopes as mortar fire raked the exposed Marines. But first, he had to discover that the battle took place at all.

As the VFW magazine series on the deadliest battles of Vietnam was evolving into a book, Rob's research led him to accounts of what the Marines of BLT 2/26 had endured on LZ Margo.

He told us what he discovered and also included tidbits from the interviews that he couldn't get into the book.

Now retired, Rob researches World War I battles, but wouldn't have missed the reunion of the Vietnam Marines he wrote about.

Here's a link to a video of Robert's presentation at our 50-year reunion:

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Discovering Margo

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