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Fifty Year Reunion and Remembrance (cont.)

Battles Remembered

We remembered battles that must not be forgotten because young Americans fought them so bravely.


And we remembered our forty-nine brothers that we lost forever, lost except for the young faces and bright spirits that we will always carry in our hearts.

Brave Men Lost

Few deaths are more sudden or sadder than those of brother warriors.​

Here they stand one minute, brave and steadfast. The next they are gone, swept away in a hail of shrapnel or felled by a gunshot from the shadows of the jungle.

Mixed emotions beset the survivors. "Why him and not me?" But there are no answers, only unending questions.

In our day of remembrance we told a story together, one in which everyone gathered in the room had played a part.

It is the story of a web of lives that began with Marines and Corpsmen from a long-ago era who were inserted by helicopter into the Valley of the Shadow of Death, the hostile and deadly strip of South Vietnam that bordered the Demilitarized Zone, and then later into the DMZ itself.

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