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Fifty Year Reunion and Remembrance (continued)

In Memoriam

In our remembrance, we told the story of how death rained down upon us one day from the sky and how men fought back and how lives were saved and how lives were lost.

And how some men, who had so much more to give their country, gave their last in its behalf.

Memorial service aboard the USS Princeton for those we lost on LZ Margo and in the DMZ. Two others died later of their wounds.

And how the rest of us carried from that day, carry now and will carry forever the haversack that cannot be removed, the backpack filled with rocks of guilt for surviving hell when others fell.

A guilt which is multiplied for those who held other men's lives in their hands, those whose stripes and bars made them responsible for our fallen brothers.

But we men of Battalion Landing Team 2/26 were all Marines, and our valiant Corpsmen were simply Marines from a different boot camp. And in desperate conditions during tough, brutal days, all of us did our jobs.

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