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Sunday Morning: Reflection.

Tom Roadley in the DMZ.jpg

First Lieutenant Tom Roadley on LZ Margo. Photo courtesy of Tom Roadley.

Photographs of LZ Margo

First Lieutenant Thomas H. Roadley, USMC

Tom Roadley, call sign John Brown 24, was the Fire Support Officer on LZ Margo.

A stint escorting famed combat photographer David Douglas Duncan during the Siege of Khe Sanh had given him valuable insights about how to take quick, decisive photos under horrible conditions.

The slides of LZ Margo he displayed at our reunion captured the action and the awfulness of our time there. They include shots of our flight in and landing by chopper, the Spooky gunship firing tracers in darkness above us, the battlefield littered with the detritus of combat as wounded Marines are tended and Medevac'ed out and photos of ordinary men doing an extraordinarily hard job. 

Here's a link to Tom's presentation on YouTube: 

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Photographs of LZ Margo

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