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A Recon Marine Remembers LZ Margo (continued)

I Find Doc Eisenbraun

I moved across the hill to where I knew Doc Eisenbraun had been, a matter of 30 meters or so. Mortars were still falling and I came up immediately after Doc Eisenbraun had been hit. Just as I arrived Doc was being pulled off another Marine, James Roach.

Doc's back was perforated with shrapnel.


I was told at the time he had been working on Roach who had suffered severe wounds to his arm and that he had covered him as the last barrage came in.


After the incoming lifted we carried Doc Eisenbraun to the area where all the dead of the past two days had been placed.


Doc Eisenbraun was a good friend and that was one of the saddest walks I’ve ever taken.

HN David Eisenbraun died on LZ Margo bandaging a wounded Marine before he died of his own mortal wounds. Photo courtesy of the Virtual Wall.

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