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Jerry Lewien Remembers (continued)

Sick in the Jungle

As we moved further into the DMZ we took up another CP.  It was then that we had two individuals come down with a bug.


That night one man was in such pain that the doc [corpsman] was giving him morphine to keep him quiet. The next morning it was decided to Medevac both men. One was enlisted and the other was I believe our FO [forward observer].

I called in the Medevac and when it arrived the gun ships were circling above wanting to know where last enemy contact was. Well since we were in the DMZ I said, “All around.”

As I positioned the chopper above the open spot in the canopy they started to lower the sling.  The pilot said there was an open area about 500 meters away. I informed the pilot we had not been that far out and did not know if the area was safe.


I believe the CO [1stLt Bob Riordan] had the same symptoms but refused to be Medevaced.  

The next day Lt Riordan wanted to take a patrol deeper into the DMZ and I was selected to go along as his radio operator. (Read Lt. Bob Riordan’s account here.)

Into LZ Duster in the DMZ

It was the first of October when we were choppered into LZ Duster, sent in to relieve another unit.


As we landed and moved out, I remember the Lt [Bill Wentworth] asking the other lieutenant “Where was the last enemy contact?”


I remember the reply, “about 500 meters out!”


As we cleared the LZ we halted, and the lieutenant sent Corporal [Robert L.] Knisely out with another corporal to check out the trail.

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