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Mike Wilson Remembers LZ Margo (conclusion)

After Margo

We went on to the rest of our DMZ operations the next day.

2nd Squad plus the Gun Team, 2nd Platoon

Three days after the mortar battle on LZ Margo, the 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon, Foxtrot Company, paused during a combat patrol for squad leader Cpl Ed Flores to take this photo. Flores later took over the squad after Taylor was killed.


From left to right: 17-year-old PFC Arthur "The Boot" Bice, Cpl Dave Taylor (KIA the night of October 28 at 1 in the morning), PFC Charles "Mic" Affer, Corpsman Dave "Doc" Durey LCpl Jack Teague (guns section leader), PFC Ed "Frog" Brown, PFC Paul "The Fool That Extended" Candella (guns), PFC George "Mike" Price (KIA the same night as Taylor), PFC Steve "Fat Boy" Curtis.


According to Flores and Mike Wilson, a couple of weeks later "all took a piss in the Ben Hai River" [the Ben Hai separated the South from North Vietnam], a unique achievement that never appeared in the Command Chronology of the BLT, but which was well known among other BLT members for its risk and symbolism.


Pointless you say? You've never pissed in the Ben Hai River.


Photo by Ed Flores, courtesy of Mike Wilson.

Caption on group pic.jpg

Caption on the back of the squad photo.

God bless all who served there, living now, wounded there and most of all the dead!


Semper Fi.

Michael Wilson

Foxtrot Company, BLT 2/26


Editor's note: Mike currently lives in New Zealand and from his email messages appears to be a happy man. He's earned it.

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