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"Doc" Kennedy Remembers LZ Margo (conclusion)

Hit Again on the Way to Give Aid

I had already been hit in the back of my leg, when I heard someone yelling for a Corpsman. I ran toward the ravine where there was a stream and a water point. I was hit numerous time by shrapnel by the time I got to  the cover of the ravine.


There were wounded Marines there and I did what I could for them. All I had left in my medical bag was some "red shit" and some field dressings.

“I will never forget Doc Kennedy. He was hit, hurting bad too, but he responded to the call of 'Corpsman Up!'


"That is the ultimate accolade a Marine can give a Corpsman."

PFC Larry McCartney

Echo Company, Battalion Landing Team 2/26

badly wounded on LZ Margo.

When the NVA mortar attack slowed, we heard the sound of AK 47 fire coming up the ravine as the enemy carried out a ground assault. All I had with me was a .45 with eight rounds, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t survive the assault.

Saved by a Jet

Then, I heard the roar a of jet and looked up to see a Marine fighter jet going down the ravine at what looked like tree-top level. I could hear his machine gun, and then heard bombs or rockets going off further down the ravine.


Whoever that pilot was, and I wish I knew, I owe him my life.

When it was over, I had to be carried out of the ravine and up to the LZ to a chopper. My only thought was, "I'm out of here one way or another." My only regret was leaving my Marines behind.

Later I found that BLT 2/26 stayed there for three days, getting hit hard night and day. I lost a lot of friends and comrades before it was over.


I spent three months on in the US Naval Hospital on Guam and then was stationed at Camp Hanson, Okinawa for the last three months of my enlistment.

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