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Dog Tag Return (continued)

The Dekrygers

But Bill Dekryger, a Marine Vietnam veteran and his son Tim, a retired Marine major who is a veteran of more recent wars, made two trips to Vietnam and visited those trinket stalls and on both trips they came home with dog tags, including Lancaster Brown-Bey's.

Tim and Bill Dekryger, son and father, were both combat Marines. Photo courtesy YouTube, "Dog Tags Come Home".

"We understand what dog tags mean to a Marine. They're your identity stamped on a small metal plate. We couldn't just leave them there."

Major Tim Dekryger, USMC (ret)

son of former Sergeant Bill Dekryger, USMC

See the YouTube video about their quest here.

Dog tags recovered from Vietnam by the Dekrygers. Photo courtesy of Tim Dekryger.

And so they went home.

Tim had Brown-Bey's tags mounted in a frame with a rubbing from the Wall.

On September 16, 2018, the 50th anniversary of the battle of LZ Margo, they were presented to sixteen members of Lanny Brown-Bey's family members in Detroit.

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