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Walt Philbin Remembers (continued)

Gunny Fab Bucks Us Up

The morning we flew out of Margo I remember the gunny with the red mustache trying to buck everybody up.

I remember thinking when we flew out without incident from the same LZ where jets had to put smoke down the day before so we could get our wounded out, “Isn’t this war beyond comprehension, when a place where there was so much death and danger one day can pose no problem the next day.”

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81s Platoon Sergeant and WWII and Korea veteran GySgt Stewart L. Fabyunkey digs in on LZ Margo. Like a fighting rooster with a red mustache, back on Hill 558 at Khe Sanh, Gunny Fab greeted each dawn by bellowing  loud enough for the surrounding NVA to hear, "Goooooooooood morning, Vietnam!" Photo courtesy of Eric Smith.

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