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Walt Philbin Remembers (continued)

The Attack Begins

I remember [LCpl William “Osk”] Oskilanec and [Cpl William] Moore [both killed moments later] came walking by my hole, returning with their line company, where one was the radio operator and the other the 81s forward observer. I liked them both a lot.

B-52 Strike Northwest of the DMZ.jpg

B-52 strike northwest of the DMZ. Carrying loads of 500 and 750-lb. bombs, the raids were devastating for enemy troops caught in the attack path. Photo by Kent Wonders.

For my part at Margo when the attack started, I was standing around.


It was so hot a bunch of us had taken our flak jackets off and we were waiting for the B-52s loads to be dropped on their areas, so the general would clear it for the grunts to go back out there.

Suddenly I heard a couple of thud-thuds and then the first crash-crunches all around of the incoming rounds.

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