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Smitty Steps Up (continued)

Brown-Bey and Henderson Fall

When the first artillery rounds impacted, Lance Corporal Lancaster “Lanny” Brown-Bey and Private First Class Montie Henderson were killed outright and many others wounded.

LCpl Lancaster Brown-Bey.jpg

LCpl Lancaster Brown-Bey. A tall, confident squad leader, Lanny was your friend the moment he met you. Photo courtesy of his sister Esther Lewis and their family.

Instinctively everyone sought shelter, moving any wounded with them they could.

Half of the platoon was momentarily safe, hidden away down the sloping path from the LZ that led to the rest of the battalion.


But the other half were on the “wrong” side of the LZ and somehow had to get across the zone to safety as rounds landed unpredictably and with incredible concussion on the LZ itself.

Left Arrow.png

PFC Montie Henderson's obituary. Henderson had performed well in the chaos of LZ Margo. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

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