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"Land the Landing Force!" (continued)


Full power and we are away, all holding our breath as the helicopter struggles to gain altitude under a full combat load of Marines.

USS Princeton through the window of a ch

Leaving the ship behind. As the last chopper lifts off, the helicopters with their cargo of Marines heads for shore. Photo by Kent Wonders.

The birds get into formation and we are off to the LZ.

Heading inland -helo-assault in UH-34s.j

Turned golden by bright morning sun over the South China Sea, a UH-34 in a helo-assault wave heads ashore from the USS Okinawa. Photo by Alan Green.

The ride is a short one, maybe 15 minutes. As we get close I am hoping the pilot will drop me in the right landing zone and that I will then get reinforcing Marines quickly.

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