Pete Schroeder Remembers: A Hellhole Named LZ Margo (continued)

Caught In The Draw Again

As we were doing the sad task the incoming started again catching us in the draw, as I scrambled to find suitable cover while running down the draw my glasses fell off. As I bent to retrieve them a round landed in front of me and bowled me over.


I scrambled to my feet and ran to an empty hole as more rounds impacted around me. I had been hit in the right side of my face and arm.


After the incoming let up someone said to me “Hey you are wounded!” I was coughing a lot and thought the pinhole in my chest might have got to my lung. Lt. Lloyd said if I stayed he would recommend a commendation but I felt like hell, as I couldn’t quit coughing.


So I was directed to a hole away from the draw and told to wait for the Medevac. A CH-46 arrived and I scrambled on as it was the last one for the night, and was taken to 3rd Medical Battalion. Once there I went through shock and debridement and had the shrapnel removed. The next day I was sent to the rear at Dong Ha and started the recovery process.


I was sent to the hospital ship that was holding our more seriously wounded and dead to identify some of my platoon members.


After that sad duty I returned to the battalion rear and convalesced, and after healing I went on R&R. I returned to the platoon at the end of September and we went south to the area around Marble Mountain and the leper colony.

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