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Kent Wonders Remembers LZ Margo (continued)

Before leaving Fox’s area, I noticed a number of NVA backpacks that had been set aside in a pile. I went through a few of them looking for anything I thought might be useful to the S-2 (intelligence officer). Nothing of importance that I remember was found but I did keep some NVA personal gear: a small NVA first aid kit, sewing kit with buttons, personal hygiene stuff, fountain pen, stationary, and letters from home. Most of this I still have in a storage trunk to this day. The personal stuff in a young soldier’s pack hasn’t changed much in 200 years.

With only two of us returning, next came the crazy part of the day for me and my radioman. We radioed the battalion to tell them the “big” patrol was heading south toward them. The two of us went as fast as we dared and arrived back safely, having ignored the possibility that the NVA could have come back and reoccupied the trail and adjacent bunkers.

A Letter Home


About two days after moving from Margo, Major Lynch noticed me writing a letter. When he learned I was writing Judy, he asked to jot her a note also. He had inquired about her before and knew I had talked about meeting her in Hawaii.

On the 19th, the letter to Judy continued: We made it out of the Landing Zone. We had been trapped 3 days in the LZ. We took over 175 casualties and I was right in the middle, the whole time. One of my radio operators was killed along with many friends. If it made the news at home I hope it didn’t worry you too much.

In the same letter Major Lynch wrote a note to Judy [Livingston, Kent's future wife]:

Note from Major Lynch to Judy Livingston, written a few days after the attacks on LZ Margo. Courtesy of Kent Wonders.

The letter continued: Major Lynch wanted to write a note to you---he has been trying to cheer me up.  He is an outstanding person to work for.

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