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Walt Philbin Remembers (continued)

Three Buddies Catch It

I thought Oskilanec and Moore were in holes that took direct hits, but have since heard that they got it on the water run.

LCpl William Oskilanec after boot camp. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

Cpl William Moore had been in Vietnam since April, 1968. Photo courtesy of

I knew that [Cpl Billy] Parker was on the water run.


He was a really nice guy who I had shared a bunker once with when dropping in at Con Thien one summer day from down the road at Charlie-2. I remember he was cleaning his gun near the bunker and we both could look out and see the NVA flag on the other side of the Ben Hai River.

I remember visiting Rod that same day at the main Whiskey [81s radio call sign] command post.

On Margo, I remember Lt Green going out afterward and checking on things.


When he returned, he told me about Parker and Osk and Moore, whose names were among the first I found on the Vietnam Memorial in DC the first time I went there.

Cpl Billy Parker's high school photo. Image courtesy of Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

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