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Walt Philbin Remembers (continued)

Kelly Puts Out a Fire

I also remember sticking my head slightly out of the hole long enough to see a crazy Marine named [LCpl John] Kelly from Chicago or St. Louis, who I actually got in touch with 10 years after the Nam, coming out of his hole with canteens and pouring water over the unopened boxes of 81 ammo that had taken a partial hit and were smoking.

Walt Philbin and John Kelley final.jpeg

Lance Corporals Walt Philbin and John Kelly after an amphibious landing in the Cua Viet area. Kelly poured canteen water on smoldering boxes of 81mm ammo on LZ Margo during the battle and was recommended for a Bronze Star. Photo courtesy of Walt Philbin.

And I thought, “God, thank you Kelly, but I’m about to watch you go up in smithereens!”

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